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Public Relations

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree in Public Relations at Kansas Wesleyan University:

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Public relations professionals help companies, nonprofit organizations and even colleges tell their story. Unlike marketing, which focuses on making sales, public relations concentrates on building trust and awareness. At KWU, your liberal arts education will train you to research ideas and think strategically, while your public relations classes will help you develop the on-the-job skills you need to tell those stories.

In class and through your required internship in a Salina ad agency or corporate placement, you will learn to write compellingly and communicate across media platforms. You will also receive close advising from KWU professors who will help you develop a professional path for your career.

Public Relations program options

Communications major
Public Relations major
Speech and Theatre Education major (Grades 6-12)
Theatre major
Communications minor
Speech minor
Theatre minor

Why study Public Relations at KWU? Because you’ll learn real-world skills to get the word out.

Public Relations majors at KWU get a lot of hands-on experience, whether it’s creating strategic public relations plans in class, writing press releases or learning the fundamentals of graphic design. You will also have the chance to take related classes in different departments that will enhance your understanding of the media marketplace.

  • Complete a required internship and make professional connections working in a hospital public relations department, a local marketing agency or Salina corporation.
  • Become familiar with broadcast journalism by working in KWU’s student-run, well-equipped radio station, KKWU.
  • Hone your writing skills by writing for the online and print editions of KWU’s student newspaper, The Advance or The Coyote yearbook.
  • Learn about video and broadcasting by working on KWU’s online broadcast channel.
  • Take classes in marketing, photography and design that will add to your skills.

What can I do with a Public Relations degree from Kansas Wesleyan University?

Raise awareness.

Public Relations graduates from KWU are working in social media companies and directing corporate public relations programs.

Master the art of PR in these Public Relations classes

Public Relations I and II
Advanced Media Management
Creative Advertising
Principles of Visual Communication
Mass Media


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