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Engage in the World

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

The Department of Biology offers a wide range of courses designed to provide the student community with a comprehensive exposure to the living world. The curriculum of the department is designed to introduce students to the varieties of organisms and phenomena found in the realm of biology. The department seeks to educate its students beyond the simple acquisition of information by encouraging active student participation in the actual “doing” of biology. Hands-on lecture activities are incorporated into most courses, and laboratories allow students to carry out experiments and procedures performed by professionals in those fields of biology.

Why Study Biology at KWU? You'll "do" biology!

Students can be right in thick of nature and learn by doing in the lab and in the field. If you love the outdoors and wildlife, if you enjoy studying living things, if you are deeply curious about the traits of various species and have the patience to engage in long studies in potentially messy settings, KWU can get you started on a rewarding journey of exploration and discovery about the fascinating natural world around us. 

National Biological Honors Society & Departmental Clubs

Students can participate in three groups while at KWU: Beta Beta Beta National Biological Honors Society, the KWU Biology Club, and the KWU Medical & Health Society. Through these clubs, KWU students gain valuable experience with established professionals, engage and increase community awareness about a variety of biological topics, and have the opportunity to participate in local, national, and international field trips. 

For more information, contact Dr. Stephanie Welter, chair of the Biology Department, or call (785) 833-4454. 

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