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Beta Beta Beta members enjoying authentic Latin cuisine in 2001 while on a mission to help provide educational and recreational essentials to Guatamalan children.

Past Activities

In March 2000, then Biology faculty member Dr. Weston Opitz, now retired, and members of the Iota Eta chapter of Beta Beta Beta at KWU acted upon a letter received from the leadership of the indigenous people of western Guatemala from “El Instituto Educacion Basica de Guatemala”. The letter expressed a dire need for educational and recreational essentials for children. Members of BBB embraced the project and held fundraisers to gather the requested items from Salina business establishments.

After all the resources had been gathered, on July 21, 2001, KWU BBB members Heather Roberts, Jacquie Robledo, Ernest Lazo, Jason Bets, William Bennetts, and Dr. Weston Opitz set out on a 5,227 mile journey to deliver the requested items. While on this trip, students experienced a diversity of Latin cultures, learned about tropical natural history, archeology, arts and crafts, and consumed fine Latin foods.