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Emergency Management

On The Frontline

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) - Now offered completely online, on campus or hybrid!

The Emergency Management major at Kansas Wesleyan University, the only one of its kind in Kansas, instills in students the theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and sense of duty to step in to save lives and protect property. Courses can be taken completely online, on campus or in a combination hybrid program. Kansas Wesleyan’s expertise in this field is gaining national attention, with Intelligent ranking KWU's program among the top-60 in the country late in 2019. KWU also earned recognition as the best hybrid program.  

Please see the right-hand menu bar for course requirements. We have articulation agreements set up with a pair of community colleges as well, Frederick Community College and Garden City Community College. Our alumni, including Bernie Botson, the Assistant Director of Emergency Management for Saline County, can also go on to pursue masters degrees in the discipline. 


Unmanned Aircraft Systems Minor Through Kansas State Polytechnic

Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), a.k.a. drones, are one of the hottest topics today. A quick search on Google for “drones” yields more than 88 million results. People are thinking out of the box about how to use drones. They include the obvious, like taking aerial photos and videos for fun or profit, to such imaginative ideas as pizza and package delivery. These vehicles are attracting everyone from weekend hobbyists to private investigators, to farmers interested in conducting crop and livestock aerial surveys.

The possible applications of this technology go far beyond fun and games to using it as a tool to protect and save lives. UAS vehicles are the wave of the future, with the potential for conducting emergency management team support in the areas as surveillance, damage assessment, search and rescue, response, recovery and mitigation following disaster. 

Imagine studying Emergency Management at Kansas Wesleyan University, named No. 8 nationally among the Top 20 Best Affordable programs in the country and the only Emergency Management bachelor’s degree offered in the state of Kansas, while simultaneously learning how to utilize unmanned aircraft system in emergency situations with courses from the No. 2 program on Drone Training HQ's list of the "Top 20 Unmanned Aerial Systems Colleges in the United States," Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus. These two schools are located in one place: Salina, KS.

Here is your chance to prepare for a career in Emergency Management with the additional ability to speak the language of UAS technology and understand what is involved in flying and interpreting data collected by UAS vehicles. This unique collaboration, the only one of its kind between a state university and a private institution, will put KWU students ahead of their peers in the Emergency Management field and will provide them with the tools and knowledge for more effectively and safely guiding response team efforts in emergency situations.


Minor Options

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Why study Emergency Management at KWU? Ours is the only program of its kind in Kansas!

At KWU you will study in small classes and receive one-on-one attention and mentoring on your journey to becoming an emergency management specialist.

What can you do with an Emergency Management degree?

The Emergency Management degree program at KWU will prepare you to join the growing ranks of people who are working to keep our communities and country safe. Graduates in Emergency Management can expect to develop a career in corporations or businesses, public schools and colleges, hospitals, nongovernmental response organizations such as the Red Cross and in local, state and federal government agencies.

For more information, contact Dr. Lonnie Booker, Jr., assistant professor and director of Emergency Management, or call (785) 833-4360.


Local and National Partnerships
Hands-On Learning

Crisis City Partnership

Kansas Wesleyan University is located near Crisis City, operated by the Kansas Division of Emergency Management (KDEM), an unrivaled world-class, multi-discipline, multi-agency training environment developed to enhance the state’s capability to defend against terrorism threats and respond to disasters and emergencies. The university enjoys strong partnerships with local, regional and national Emergency Management experts and organizations, and is currently the only institution in the state of Kansas selected to host FEMA’s 2015 L-363 Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Higher Education course.