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History Program Mission and Goals

Mission Statement  

The mission of the Kansas Wesleyan University Department of History is to create highly competent teachers and leaders by developing in our majors and in other students 1) a connection between historical thinking and citizenship; 2) an understanding of the complex nature of the historical record; 3) an ability to engage in historical inquiry, research, and analysis, and 4) an appreciation of ethical responsibility and professional behavior for historians.

Program Goals

Students who complete the Bachelor of Arts in History should be able to:

  • Demonstrate the basic skills of historical understanding and analysis, including the use and evaluation of various types of primary and secondary sources, and as a result write effectively and convincingly.
  • Demonstrate broad historical knowledge and an awareness of the diversity of human experience that spans geography, time-frames, and ideologies.
  • Engage in meaningful, constructive, and collaborative discussion and teamwork with others.
  • Apply historical knowledge and skills to settings outside of the campus community such as internships, research, and professional careers.