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Student and Faculty Code of


The Religion and Philosophy program is an education in character. Real education requires a transformation of your heart and mind.

All who study Religion and Philosophy at Kansas Wesleyan are held to the highest standards of action. Everyone in the Department is held to the same standards. All students and faculty are expected to:

• Honor the process of learning. Refuse to cheat or plagiarize or help others to cheat or plagiarize.

• Never waver in meeting your obligations. Do your work, and meet and exceed all academic commitments.

• Retain critical intellect and a willingness to question.

• Seek out and practice self-discipline that benefits yourself and others.

• Be true to your inspiration. Apply yourself wholeheartedly. Enjoy yourself. Don't be afraid to take a risk.

• Assume responsibility for your state of mind and all of your actions.

• Never intentionally do harm.

• Speak gently and thoughtfully.

• Be generous to all without prejudice.

• Be law abiding, humble, and act with decorum.

• Be decent and trustworthy with friends, family, members of the Kansas Wesleyan University community, and society at large.