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English Program Mission and Goals


Mission Statement:

The mission of the English Department at Kansas Wesleyan University is to develop in all students good writing, critical reading, knowledge of language and literature, and cultural understanding. Students will acquire these abilities by engaging in the vibrancy and real-world applications of English studies, which will include studying timely texts and topics, writing purposefully for multiple audiences using current mediums, and completing successfully a local internship.

The department offers majors in English, English with a Writing Emphasis, and English Education, as well as a minor in English. Most courses which apply to the English major are taught in alternate years. A Bachelor of Arts degree may be obtained for those students completing the requirements for the English, English with Writing Emphasis, and English Education majors.

Program Goals:

Students who complete the Bachelor of Arts in English will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a broad understanding of American and English Literary History
  • Write clearly, effectively and grammatically with attention to audience and purpose while utilizing technology effectively
  • Compose original writing with attention to relevant cultural and historical materials and/or elements of the writer's craft
  • Use and evaluate outside sources effectively
  • Utilize their skills effectively to complete a successful internship