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Art Concentrations

Focused Passion

Art Administration

Arts Administration prepares students for a career in leading and administering programs within the wider arts community such as the Visual Arts and the Performing Arts. Courses are designed to provide an understanding of a practice in art, the leadership needed to promote the arts, the skill necessary to maintaining economic feasibility in the arts and the ability to interact with both artists and the public in pursuit of these goals.

Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a pre-professional program that prepares students to continue on and pursue a graduate degree in the field. It provides the basis of a practice in art as the vehicle for interacting with clients and patients within a counseling environment, in addition to the understanding of, and training in, psychological issues prevalent in the counseling environment.


Photography encompasses coursework to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for the student to pursue photography as a career, or to pursue work as a visual artist through the medium of photography. The degree covers commercial photography, fine art photography, studio lighting and editorial techniques.

Studio Art

Studio Art presents concepts and guides the development of skills necessary for a student of the visual arts to create original pieces of art. Flexibility within the Studio Art concentration allows the student to pursue a particular medium through their chosen area of study and available departmental electives.

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