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Department of Music


Fusion: the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity.

The KWU Department of Music embraces the university philosophy of  “And” . . . and then some: Fusion!

We believe that teaching music teachers and performers isn't enough. That's why we embrace the idea of mentoring musicians - whether majors or non-majors. K-Dub Music looks to the future of music education and performance by fusing together once separate components to create the 21st century educator, performer and advocate of music: 

  • The fusion of a variety of different ensemble and performing experiences, normally found at larger universities, while maintaining low student/teacher ratios.

  • Faculty who fuse diverse teaching styles, performance experience and musical interests to give students a unique education in a low, student/teacher ratio environment

  • The fusion of internationally recognized artists, composers and educators to not only educate and inform our students, but to help them forge career connections.

  • The fusion of composition and improvisation as integral parts of our programs of study.

  • The fusion of the Department of Music with strong community partners, including the Salina Arts & Humanities, The Salina Community Theatre, The Salina Symphony and The Stiefel Theatre, creating something truly unique to KWU and the Salina Community.

  • Our "Fusion Outreach Initiatives," including our anchor event: Fusion! – The KWU Festival of the Arts, which all provide musical and educational resource for middle/high school students and directors as well as KWU students, all while providing the area with fantastic performances!

We've got something special here, whether for music majors or non-majors. We invite you to be a part of the musical future with the KWU Department of Music.

Major Options

Minor Option

  • Music

Music Course Descriptions

Each faculty member, in addition to stressing quality performances, emphasizes the day-to-day basic music education techniques that lend themselves to preparing students to become marketable, well-prepared educators and performers. 

Students can participate in these ensembles:

  • Wind Ensemble
  • Jazz Band
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • The Howl (athletic band)
  • Philharmonic Choir
  • Wesleyan Chorale 
  • KWU Orchestra
  • Rise Up! Praise Band
  • Chamber Groups

To learn more, click on your area of interest in the menu at the upper right. 

Interested in music theater?: Music Theater Information

Music Program Mission and Goals

Mission Statement:

It is the mission of the Department of Music to provide students with a comprehensive music education by focusing on:

  • A theoretical understanding of the musical language
  • The art of performance
  • The spiritual role music plays, individually and culturally

Program Goals:

Students who complete the Music Education or Music Performance degree will be able to:

  • Demonstrate technical and artistic proficiency with the primary instrument.
  • Have a broad understanding of the literature and pedagogical approaches as related to the specific major.
  • Demonstrate a fundamental understanding of music theory and music history.
  • Demonstrate a fundamental understanding of both music composition and improvisation.
  • Recognize and experience a variety of music genres and performance mediums.
  • Contribute to the community and the profession through performances in community, professional and religious organizations.
  • Help foster an appreciation and support of the importance of music within the society.
  • Ready and support those who will teach and perform music in the future.



Community Connections
Hands-On Learning

Through partnerships with the Salina Symphony and Salina Community Theatre, KWU is able to provide students with many opportunities to rehearse and perform with professional musicians. All string music majors are invited to participate in a large regional symphonic orchestra and learn about its operation. Wind/Percussion majors may be invited based on available openings.

Students may also work for the Salina Youth Education Program as assistants to the directors of the Youth Symphony and Youth Choir, attending all rehearsals, sitting with the young players, leading sectionals and providing private lessons. This allows for hands-on experience working with elementary through high school students in an ensemble setting. In the Students Teaching Students music lesson program, KWU students may also give private lessons to young area musicians while being mentored and advised by faculty. 

Close ties the community also enable students to perform in musical theatre and opera productions, community concerts, and local or regional tours. The Kansas Wesleyan University Philharmonic Choir and its select-voice ensemble, the Wesleyan Chorale, tour regionally, nationally, and international (every four years). Past tours include China, California, England, and the Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary.