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Interdisciplinary Studies

Well Rounded

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)  

Interdisciplinary studies is an approach to answering questions, solving problems and addressing contemporary social issues from multiple perspectives. Students in this program develop the intellectual tools needed to build bridges between academic disciplines and to apply their skills, innovations and knowledge in various academic and practical settings. It is particularly good for fields where a strong liberal arts background is desired such as graduate studies in traditional liberal arts disciplines, law, business, government and teaching. Major requirements can be completed on campus or with a hybrid course plan.

Major Options

Minor Options

  • Global Awareness − demonstrate a love of diversity and cross-cultural understanding
  • Civic Engagement − become a leader and make changes in your community
  • Political Science
  • Social Studies
  • Science and Technology

Why study Interdisciplinary Studies at KWU? Because you’re one of a kind!

Do you think differently than your fellow students? Then dare to create your own major! As an Interdisciplinary Studies major, you will have the special opportunity to combine classes in disparate or related areas into a coherent program that matches your interests and dreams. This is ideal for goal-directed and versatile students whose interests do not conform to a single traditional major or who want a custom education. IDS students integrate diverse perspectives from coursework and professional experience to achieve a big picture view of complex problems—great for leaders of tomorrow in ay number of careers.

  • Work closely with faculty advisors in crafting the perfect major for your interests.
  • Choose from several Interdisciplinary Studies options.
  • Complete a capstone interdisciplinary experience, collaborating with a professor in one of your areas of concentration.
  • Integrate what you have learned into a coherent package as a special stepping-stone to graduate school or your first job.


The mission of the Interdisciplinary Studies Program is for students to develop coherent and rigorous personal degree plans which address broad or complex questions by integrating multiple intellectual traditions.


Today’s world challenges or opportunities are frequently too broad or complex to be dealt with adequately by a single discipline. Interdisciplinarians draw from the tools, approaches, and insights of relevant academic and professional disciplines to critically evaluate problems, and then work cooperatively across disciplinary boundaries to address them in a way that is useful, purposeful, and comprehensive.

 For more information, please contact Dr. Steve Hoekstra, chair of the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, or call (785) 833-4362.