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Minor in Civic Engagement

Students with a minor in Civic Engagement gain knowledge about and experience in local and national citizenship, particularly emphasizing knowledge of democracy, economic processes, and local activism or service learning. Ultimately, Civic Engagement graduates participate actively in informed civic involvements and service, in leadership and organization of action and change.

A minor in Civic Engagement includes 5 courses and an internship. You get to select

Social Justice (3hrs):

SOCI101         Justice

ECON201       Intro to Economics

SOCI 240        Social Inequality

Civics and Political Theory (3hrs):

POLI100         Introduction to Political Science

POLI300         US Constitution and Government

POLI320         Political History

Public Policy (3hrs):

POLI200         Public Policy

BUSA355        Legal Aspects of Business

Community/Political Organizing (3hrs):

BIOL102         Environmental Awareness

EM204            Disaster Preparedness

EM206            Disaster Response

BUSA380        Leadership and Personal Development

BUSA450        Business Leadership and Ethics

Diverse Publics (3hrs):

SOCI200         Global Demography

SOCI250         Racial Ethnic Minorities

PSYC337        Cross-Cultural Psychology

Finally, you complete 3 credit hours of Internship in your major (XXXX460), and give it a service-learning focus.

Students in Civic Engagement often are also active in Student Government, campus life, or as a leader of a student club.

Assessment Plan: Graduates of the program each complete a short assessment of civic literacy.