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Minor in Global Awareness

Students with a Minor in Global Awareness develop the capacity and the inclination to place people, objects, situations and the self in the broader context of our contemporary world.

Global awareness means: 

global sensitivity – i.e., a sensitivity to local phenomena and experiences as manifestations of broader developments in the planet; 

global understanding – i.e., the capacity to think in flexible and informed ways about contemporary world issues and developments; and 

global self – i.e., a perceptions of self as a global actor, a situated sense of planetary belonging and membership in humanity that supplements action and prompts civic commitments.

For a minor in Global Awareness, pick 21 credit hours from the following:

POLI100         Introduction to Political Science

BIOL102         Environmental Awareness

REPH102        World Religions

HIST105          World Civilization I

HIST106          World Civilization II

SOCI108         Cultural Anthropology

HIST130          World Geography

Or SOCI200    Global Demography

ECON201       Introduction to Economics

REPH205        World Philosophies

ENGL206        World Literature

ENGL307        Studies in World Literature

BUSA330        International Business

PSYC337        Cross-Cultural Psychology

HIST350          Studies in World History

SOCI400         Studies in World Criminal Justice

Up to 6 credits in a Language

Up to 15 credits from Study Abroad