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2019-20 Tuition & Fees

Online Courses

$850 per credit hour 

$495 per credit hour  

Academic Calendar

Policy regarding full-time traditional students and their taking online coursework

Online course offerings are not considered as part of the full-time, undergraduate face to face student’s in-load assignment for billing purposes.  The full-time, face to face student participating in athletics, and residential students may take online courses, but only as an overload, billed at the full, undiscounted tuition rate with associated fees set annually by the institution. 

Further, those who achieve full-time status through a combination of face to face and online courses will be billed the individual credit hour rate, but will be ineligible for institutionally funded and/or controlled financial assistance programs.

Deviations or exceptions to this policy can be made at the discretion of the provost.


Textbooks are available for purchase from To know what textbooks you will need for each class, log on to your MYKWU account, on the main page, on the left side, you will see a link titled “MY COURSES”. Click on this link to see information about your course and your professor and learn about your textbook and other required course materials.

Financing Your Education

Please visit our Student Financial Planning page for helpful information and additional resources.

ALTERNATIVE EDUCATIONAL PRIVATE LOAN—Non-governmental credit-based loans for students, deferred for half-time or greater, and a six-month grace period after school before repayment begins. Apply for the entire year; funds are disbursed each semester. A co-signer is strongly recommended in general but required for freshmen or students with no/low credit scores. Interest rate based upon credit. KWU does not endorse any particular lender, but here is a list of lenders who have historically made loans to our students: