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Online Policies and Procedures Regarding Faculty Members

RE:Policy regarding employee tuition remission and online course enrollment

DATE:January 8, 2015

STATUS:Agreed to in principal at Cabinet on January 8, 2015

The employee tuition remission benefit for faculty and staff and their dependents will be extended to include online course offerings given capacity exists in the course section in question. Approval of exceptions are made at the discretion of the provost.

RE:Policy regarding traditional students and online course enrollment and billing

DATE:January 8, 2015

STATUS:Passed unanimously at Cabinet on January 8, 2015

Online course offerings are not considered as part of the full-time, undergraduate face to face student’s in-load assignment for billing purposes. The full-time, face to face student participating in athletics, and residential students may take online courses, but only as an overload, billed at the full, undiscounted tuition rate with associated fees set annually by the institution.

Further, those who achieve full-time status through a combination of face to face and online courses will be billed the individual credit hour rate, but will be ineligible for institutionally funded and/or controlled financial assistance programs.

Deviations or exceptions to this policy can be made at the discretion of the provost.


RE:Online enrollment of face to face students in AY 2015-16

DATE:February 19, 2015

Face to face students, who are enrolled in a full-time load of on-campus courses, will be permitted to enroll in one online course offering at no tuition expense in both the fall semester 2015 and the spring semester 2016.The technology fee for online coursework still applies.

Students may enroll in additional online courses beyond their inload assignment at the appropriately billed tuition and fee rate.

Originally approved in principal by the President on January 10, 2015.

Agreed to as policy in meeting of the Online Student Services Troubleshooting Group on February 19, 2015.