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Financing Your Online Course

Options available to assist you to finance your online course:

                Payment for your online course(s) are due in full before the beginning of class unless you make other arrangements, acceptable to the university, in advance of the start date of your semester or class.

                How do you make arrangements, acceptable to the university in advance?

                The KWU On-Line Payment Selection Form                    

Option 1: - Pay in Full prior to the beginning of each Course or Semester

  • Pay in full by credit card:  (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover) or debit card online at Log into your MyKWU Student Portal Account. Click on New (if this is your first term) or Current Students, then click on My Account Info and then My Account Balances and then Make a Payment. The 3% servicer processing fee is charged to your account.  So be sure to include that in your payment.

  • Pay in full by check: Payable to Kansas Wesleyan University. Mail to Kansas Wesleyan University, ATTN Business Office, 100 E. Claflin Ave., Salina, KS  67401-6196. No processing fee. Be sure to write the student’s name and KWU Student ID# on the front of the check.


Fall 2015  Due Date:    Aug 3, 2015



Spring 2016  Due Date:       Jan. 4, 2016



Amount Due:  Balance for Term


Option 2: - Alternative  Education Loan from a “Commercial Bank” or Credit Union

The student (a credit-worthy co-borrower may be required by the lender) borrows in this commercial (non-government)  FICO (Fair-Issac) Score-based student loan. The FICO Score of a student (and co-borrower) will determine the interest rate for this loan. Learn more at the page titled "Alternative Loans" below.

How Much to Borrow? You determine the amount.  See your MyKWU Account Balance for your charges after you have enrolled in your courses.

Apply at your lender's website:  See the KWU On-Line  Payment Selection Form-last page.

Submit Application by:      For:  Academic Year (Fall and Spring)             Submit by April 1,  2015

                                          For:   Spring only                                           Submit by November 1, 2015

Funds will be disbursed with the start of classes half in each term - as quickly as possible.

Other Options?  Contact the Business Office at 785-827-5541 X 1222 to discuss other arrangements.

A KWU Student Data Sheet (hypertext link) will be mailed to the student's permanent residence address in late June/early July for Fall 2015 and in December for Spring 2016, if student has been admitted by that date.  No other billing is issued.  Otherwise, see your MyKWU Account Statement AFTER you have enrolled in classes for the session.

Instructions:  Submit the KWU On-Line Payment Selection Form  for the option(s)  you have chosen to
Kansas Wesleyan University, Office of Student Financial Planning at

√  FAX 785-404-1485, or

√  Scan and email to, or  

√   Mail to the above address

To arrive in time for processing before your class starts or your enrollment in your class may be canceled.

What about Federal Financial Aid?

The federal regulations governing the federal financial aid programs require that in order to receive federal financial assistance, the student be a “regularly admitted student accepted into a program of study”.   This means that Federal financial aid is available for online students who are “degree-seeking” at KWU. This means that they have completed all of the online admissions application processes, submitted all required official test scores, official transcripts from all colleges attended and their high school of graduation transcript, and have been officially accepted for admission to the University.

This means that students who elect NOT to provide transcripts, test scores etc are NOT officially admitted. They are considered “Non-Degree Seeking” and are NOT eligible to use Federal Financial Aid.  Just like on-ground students, online students who wish to use federal financial aid, must submit the Degree Seeking Admissions application and all transcripts and test scores and be admitted to the university.