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Kansas Wesleyan University

History Education (B.A.)

Why study History Education at KWU? You will inspire and teach young minds!

KWU’s History Department professors are passionately interested in their subject and their students’ learning. The one-on-one attention you receive will help you develop analytical abilities and reading and writing skills as well as help you establish a successful career path that you’re passionate about.

What can I do with a degree in History Education?

This degree provides an opportunity to educate young minds and help them learn, contemplate and brood over the human condition. If history is taught in an engaging way, it can inspire teens to explore the significance of past events and personalities, and to relate those to their own lives. The knowledge of a subject like history gives each person the wisdom to consider one’s life in a broader context. It expands the student’s world and shapes his or her worldview, dares them to avoid the patterns of the past that ended in failure, and to pursue bigger dreams and do greater things in their lives. That is part of the civic awareness-building and morality-shaping field to which History Education majors can contribute.