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Alma Mater

O' Wesleyan

Oh Wesleyan, dear Wesleyan!
The days may come, the days may go.
But still our hearts in mem’ry cling
To those college days of long ago.

The color scraps, the student pranks,
The calls we made at Schuyler Hall,
The picnic on the Smoky’s banks,
We recall them all, we love them all.

Thru youth, thru prime and when the days
Of harvest time to us shall come;
Thru all we’ll bear the mem’ries dear,
Of those golden days at the Wesleyan.

Then when perchance we’re far away,
And cares of life to each are come,
We’ll not forget, e’en then to pray,
For the Wesleyan, dear Wesleyan.

(sung to the tune of the chorus of "Sweet Genevieve," published in 1869)