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Behavioral Science & Human Service Course Descriptions

BSHS 105*Foundations of Addiction — 3 Credit Hours
 This introductory course introduces information on the use and abuse of various drugs including alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and others. Areas studied include models of addiction and treatment, the disease concept and its relationship to current psychological thought on learning associated with addictive behavior and other issues involved in the problem of substance abuse and addiction.
BSHS 110Introduction to Human Services — 3 Credit Hours
 This course introduces the student to the field of Human Services.  The student will gain a basic knowledge of meeting human needs through an interdisciplinary knowledge base which focuses on prevention as well as remediation of problems and improving the overall quality of life of service populations.  The student will develop an understanding of the work of the Human Services professional to improve accessibility, accountability, and coordination among professionals and agencies in service delivery.
BSHS 210/*Statistical Analysis — 3 Credit Hours
 The course is a study of requisite mathematical foundations of statistics followed by extensive coverage of statistical techniques used in research and data analysis. The mathematical foundations include scales of measurement, probability, the binomial and normal distributions and sampling theory. The statistical techniques include descriptive and inferential statistics. Descriptive statistics covered include at least through correlation. Inferential statistics covered include at least through simple ANOVA designs. Assumptions, logic and interpretation of statistics are emphasized over calculation. Use of a calculator and simple algebraic manipulation are required. Prerequisite:  Knowledge of MATH101/120 or equivalent. This course will have a mathematics/basic algebra review test during the first week of class.  Students not achieving 70% or better will be strongly advised to drop the class and take a course to improve mathematics/algebra skills.
BSHS 210LSPSS Lab — 1 Credit Hours
 This course provides students opportunity to conduct statistical analyses using computer software common to the behavioral and social sciences.  Prerequisite or co-requisite:  BSHS210
BSHS 231Marriage & Family — 3 Credit Hours
 This course offering is a study of the contemporary family, its historical roots, its variability and its problems.  Social relationships within marriage and the family will be emphasized.
BSHS 232/*Human Sexuality — 3 Credit Hours
SPES232The course examines the interplay of the biological, psychological, social and cultural aspects of sexuality, including sexually transmitted diseases, sex offenses and sexual dysfunctions, their treatments and prevention.
BSHS 245Forensic Psychology— 3 Credit Hours
 Applications of psychology to the criminal and civil justice system. Topics include expert testimony, risk assessment, sex offenders, competence, commitment, criminal responsibility, child custody, personal injury, discrimination, and jury design. Prerequisites: PSYC101.
BSHS 275Relapse & Prevention — 3 Credit Hours
 This course examines the field of relapse and prevention as it applies to chemical dependency and offender rehabilitation. Prerequisite: PSYC 105.
BSHS 325Political Psychology – 3 Credit Hours
 This course examines the intersection between social psychology and political science. Topics include consumption of political information, socialization and measurement of political attitudes, voting and political action behaviors, and awareness of and responses to domestic and global policies. Prerequisite: PSYC101.
BSHS 330Correctional Counseling – 3 Credit Hours
 A study of the various treatment and rehabilitation methods used in correctional settings.  Topics include the roles of correctional personnel, the assessment and treatment of juveniles and adults, casework in correctional settings, crisis intervention, the assessment and treatment of special populations in correctional settings, and the evaluation of treatment and rehabilitation program.  Prerequisites:  PSYC325.
BSHS 499Independent Research Project – Senior Thesis – 3 Credit Hours
 In this course, students will engage in a social science research project of their own design.  With faculty supervision, they will formulate a research question, conduct necessary literature review, design a project, obtain ethical clearance from the appropriate university committee, collect and analyze data, write an APA style manuscript for potential publication, and do a formal presentation of the research on campus and/or at an appropriate convention.  Prerequisites:  PSYC390 or SOCI331.