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Care Packages or Finals Survival Kits

Let your son or daughter know you care! 

The Kansas Wesleyan University Women's Auxiliary is offering the opportunity for parents and loved ones to have homemade treats delivered to students throughout the year. Send a "Happy Birthday," "We are proud," "We are thinking of you," "Good Luck," or custom package. Please allow at least two weeks notice to ensure delivery. 

Order a birthday cake, special occasion treat or finals survival kit* (see below) today! 

Complete an Order Form

For more information about finals kits, contact Janice Stanton at 785.823.1341.

*Finals Survival Kits are available for fall and spring semester final exam weeks!

Deadlines to turn in Finals Survival Kit Order Forms:

Fall 2019: Friday, Dec. 6

Spring 2020: Friday, May 1