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Dr. Steve Hoekstra, Professor, Chair

Behaviors Science & Human Services Course Descriptions
Psychology Course Descriptions
Sociology & Criminal Justice Course Descriptions
Emergency Management Course Descriptions
Political Science Course Descriptions

The Department of Behavioral Science and Human Services incorporates the disciplines of Psychology, Sociology, and Criminal Justice. The majors in the department are designed to prepare the student with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in advanced education or a variety of professional occupations where interacting with people is paramount.

The mission of the Behavioral Science & Human Services Department is to foster intelligent and compassionate students capable of critical thinking.

We promote:

                     -     Excellence
                     -     Scholarship
                     -     The Scientific Method
                     -     Social Responsibility

Our Vision is to provide the best behavioral science education.

Our values are to:

                     -     Challenge students academically
                     -     Be open, honest and fair
                     -     Change to improve

The Department of Behavioral Science and Human Services offers the following degrees:

Bachelor of Arts Majors:

  • Criminal Justice (Domestic Violence, Law Enforcement, Offender Management) Major requirements                            
  • Psychology Major requirements
  • Psychological Services - Addictions Counseling Major requirements
  • Psychological Services - Domestic Issues Major requirements
  • Psychological Services - Offender Management Major requirements
  • Psychological Services - Health and Wellness Major requirements
  • Psychological Services - Human Resources Major requirements
  • Psychological Services - Educational Counseling Major requirements
  • Sociology 


  • Criminal Justice Minor Requirements
  • Psychology Minor Requirements
  • Psychological Services Minor Requirements
  • Sociology Minor Requirements
  • Political Science Minor Requirements
  • Social Studies Interdisciplinary Minor Requirements

The mission of the Kansas Wesleyan University Criminal Justice and Sociology program is:

To nurture future leaders globally, educationally, culturally, and spiritually.  The motto of the Sociology/Criminal Justice program is Ancora Imparo “I am still learning”.

The mission of the Kansas Wesleyan University Psychology program is:

To develop ethical and analytical students, skilled in communication, and knowledgeable in psychology and the human experience.

Many students majoring in the behavioral sciences will minor in a related major (such as a psychology major with a sociology minor). 


Students desiring a Bachelor of Arts degree in the field of psychology may complete a Major in Psychology or Psychological Services.

The Psychology Program offerings are designed to provide education and training for a variety of career goals including teaching and research, counseling, substance abuse treatment, criminal justice-related work, and other human service area employment.

The Psychology Major is designed with the flexibility to choose a curriculum that leads in one of three general career directions. These are:

-A competitive Psychology curriculum for those preparing for graduate education in any of the experimental branches of psychology.
-A Mental Health and Clinical curriculum for those desiring work or graduate education in human service areas.
-A general curriculum in Psychology for a broadly skilled bachelor’s degree.

The Psychological Services majors integrate program work in psychology, mental health/human service areas, and in counseling skill development to prepare the student for employment and graduate education in any number of human service fields.  This major includes several specialization areas that further the professional opportunities for graduates.  Students seeking to become a licensed addiction counselor (LAC) can specialize with our BSRR state approved program*.  (*Summer 2012 review)

Departmental Assessment

Students in the Psychology Program are expected to complete the Psychology Major Field Test and submit a senior portfolio.


Sociology majors study the relationships between individuals, groups, and society—to understand their world and to foster interest in social justice and social action.  The Sociology program is designed to provide graduates with marketable skills that can be employed in a wide variety of careers, such as law, criminal justice, social service, non-profit organizations, public administration, business, and education.

Kansas Wesleyan University offers both a major and a minor in Sociology.  Majors oftentimes consider a second major or minor in related fields including Criminal Justice, Psychology, or Political Science.


Placing Theory into Practice

The purpose of the Bachelor of Arts in criminal justice is to instill students with the ability to place theory into practice while fulfilling the ideals of duty and service.  Primary objectives of the criminal justice program include development of critical thinking, communication, technology, and computing skills; leadership; quantitative reasoning; ethical decision-making; and an understanding of diversity.

In addition to the criminal justice major, three concentrations are also available in Domestic Violence, Law Enforcement, and Offender Management.  Concentrations indicate a level of knowledge and skills in certain sub-areas of study.  To obtain a concentration, the student would be required to earn grades of A or B in the concentration courses.

Popular is a double major in Criminal Justice and Sociology and/or Psychology.  A minor in Political Science is also pursued by many of the majors.  Many additional combinations are possible and every student should explore them with their advisor.


Emergency management is the study of how individuals, businesses, and government prepare for, mitigate, respond to, and recover from disasters.  The mission of the emergency management major at Kansas Wesleyan University is to give students the theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and the sense of duty necessary to help save lives and property from the devastating impact of disasters. 

Students desiring a Bachelor of Arts degree in the field of emergency management may complete a major in Emergency Management, Emergency Management—Homeland Security, Emergency Management—Victim Services, and Emergency Management—Non-Governmental Organizations.  A concurrent minor in political science is popular and recommended.  Graduates with an Emergency Management major find many exciting placement opportunities in the public and private safety field.

Minor in Political Science

The political science minor provides a dynamic course of study that can enhance students’ preparation for employment in fields of law and law enforcement, business, sociology, and public service. This minor explores the relationship between politics in theory and politics in action. Students have the opportunity (not required) to practice what is learned through participation in a variety of campus activities, committees, and organizations.

This minor is offered as a cooperative learning experience from the Behavioral Science and History Departments at Kansas Wesleyan University.