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Serve Others

This Campus Ministry initiative is designed to connect students for a monthly time of serving as a means to build community and get prepared for a life of service! Those who feel called to make a difference local to global will experience serving in a meaningful way. It's a great time to make a difference and connect as a unified group of serving hearts! Join in as we show and share the love of Christ. Stay connected ~ Join us on Facebook!

When is CampusServe?

CampusServe takes place the third Saturday of the month between 7:30am and 12:00pm, followed by lunch on campus at KWU. This is perfect for groups, individual students, alumni, faculty, and staff to join in a time of fellowship and service. Friends and family are welcome to join! These events will also provide a training ground for faculty and students as they will learn and serve together on their Wesleyan Journey.

What time does it start and where do I go?

CampusServe participants should arrive at 7:30am to sign in. We will kick off at 7:45am from the steps of The Hall of Pioneers. There you will register, find out project information, and divide into teams. After choosing your project, all teams will leave campus around 8:00am for their location of service. What kinds of projects will I choose from to serve others? Most projects are linked with alumni and congregants from local United Methodist Church partners. You may choose to serve at the widow, elderly and disabled homeowners locations where you may participate in building a deck, washing windows, landscape projects, helping someone move, or a variety of other meaningful serving projects. You may even take part in a river clean up project, painting at a local school, or participating in sports ministry.  

What do I need to bring?

All you need is your heart to serve! You'll be given a t-shirt at your first registration, which you need to wear each time you join a CampusServe. We do suggest you bring a water bottle.

Do I need to register each month to join CampusServe?

Yes, please! You need to register and identify if you are on the meal plan so we can be sure and get the right amount of meals for lunch after our projects!  

What if I'm an alumna or alumnus or someone who wants to help run the events?

Outstanding. Please email Student Development if interested.
How do I register? Currently we are registering for the August 23rd Kick off event!  Register HERE. 

QUESTIONS?  Contact Dr. Meredith Drees by email, or by phone: 785-833-4368.