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Career Workshops

Workshops are available throughout the year on career-related topics, such as dining etiquette, interviewing, networking, and resume and cover letter writing. Individual appointments can also be scheduled to review any of the workshop topics if the schedule of events does not meet your individual timeline. Career Development Workshops will include:

Fashion Show, Life After Sweatpants 

In coordination with area businesses and student models, the KWU Career Center will host a fashion show, to help transition students to the workplace. 

Etiquette Dinners

The KWU Career Center will coordinate dinners, in partnership with employers, to provide social development skills for students.  

Teacher Interview Day 

KWU students seeking to become certified elementary and secondary school teachers will have access to scheduled Teacher Interview Days. Teacher Interview Days will be in the Spring semester with education students receiving specific information as the event draws nearer.   

Mock Interviews

Kansas Wesleyan University provides mock interviews and professional critiques to help you become more comfortable in interview situations. Mock interviews are available by appointment to guide you through the interview process and help you sharpen your skills for a professional interview.