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Graduate School Preparation

Graduate School Prep Week

Each Fall semester, the KWU Career Center hosts a week-long series of events that helps prepare students interested in pursuing Graduate School. From GRE, MCAT and LSAT practice tests, engaging with recent KWU alumni in graduate school, to a hosting graduate school fair, these events are tailored to students interested in all kinds of graduate programs. 

Deciding on Graduate School

Graduate school offers a specialized study experience in a specific area. At Kansas Wesleyan University, you spent some time gaining knowledge in your chosen major and were introduced to a wide variety of other topics through the liberal arts program. Graduate school further prepares you for your career interest through specialized courses, research and/or internships.

Deciding whether to attend graduate school is a decision that requires some careful consideration. Please contact Student Development to discuss graduate school options and for any assistance in graduate school preparation and applications.

Graduate School Preparation Sites:

The Princeton Review