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Interviewing is the last step of the hiring process and the most important. Interviews serve two purposes. For the prospective employer the interview is an opportunity to gather information about a candidate and to assess the “fit” between the candidate and the position. For you – the candidate – the interview is an opportunity to highlight your skills, abilities, personal qualities, and enthusiasm for the position. Additionally, this is also your opportunity to interview the prospective employer and assess if the "fit" is a good one for you.

Mock Interviews

The KWU Career Center offers students opportunities to practice interviewing throughout the year. The KWU Student Development staff are also available by appointment to guide you through the interview process, sharpening your skills for a professional interview.

Mock interviews can be tailored to a specific career path.  In order to maximize the benefits of a mock interview,  students are asked to:

  • Visit, call or email the Student Development Office to set up an appointment
  • Describe the type of job or internship they are targeting
  • Provide a current working resume (Don’t have one – Career Center will provide assistance in developing one)
  • Make an appointment to interview with a KWU Student Development staff member

Mock Interviews will be conducted as if they are an actual interview. Students will prepare for and dress as they would for an actual job interview. Interviews are scheduled for about one hour with 30 minutes for interviewing and the rest of the time for feedback and questions.

Contact Patsy Stockham or stop by the KWU Student Development Office (Student Services) on the lower level of Pioneer Hall to schedule your mock interview today!

Interviewing Resources

The difference between a successful interview and an unsuccessful interview often lies simply in your preparation beforehand. Just like most things in life the more you prepare and practice the more likely you are to achieve your desired results. Following are links to documents that will assist you with your preparations.

Ten Interviewing Rules.doc

Interviewing General Guidline.doc

Create a Good First Impression.doc

Nonverbal Communications.doc

Prep for the Top 10 Interview Questions.doc

What do Employers Look For During an Interview.docx

Do You Have any Questions.doc

Phone Interview.docx

Illegal Interview Questions.doc

Dress for Success.doc

Job Interview Questions for College Seniors.doc

Six Interview Mistakes.doc

Salary Negotiation.docx

Job Offer Negotiation.docx

What Not to Wear.docx