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Wesleyan Journey Courses

Where Will You Go?

Fall Break

Costa Rica

“Coyote Connections: From Classroom to Community — Cross-Cultural Learning and Serving in Costa Rica”

Martha Bray and Angie Pavey

This course combines service learning with travel to provide students an opportunity to strengthen values and abilities, in addition to learning specific academic content. Either students will work in a Costa Rican classroom, teaching lessons and donating school supplies; or they will provide service to the community by donating goods and services such as clean-up, painting, yard-work or additional requested service as needed by the community.

Spring Break

Key Largo, Florida 

"Experiential Service Learning: Dogs to Dolphins — Animal Learning for Service, Study and Sustainability"

Dr. Stephanie Welter and Dr. Steve Hoekstra

Students will explore the relationship between humans and animals, with the goal of maximizing the well-being of both, through projects in both Salina and Key Largo, Florida. Participants will help to train service dogs, learning how reinforcement can shape the animal’s behavior so that an owner’s needs are fulfilled. Students will use these same concepts while participating in research and education programs related to the conservation of marine life.

May 2019


"Ireland Through the Ages: A Visual Journey"

Neil Ward

Art remains one of the principal ways through which we engage and understand societies and the cultures that define them. This course is journey through both the physical and cultural Irish landscapes and is primarily engaged through travel to and experience within Ireland. We will explore the art of Ireland and remnants of her various cultures, in addition to understanding and exploring the landscape that has served as a foundation for those cultures.

Costa Rica

“Communication Through Music”

Ken Hakoda and Dr. Jesse Henkensiefken

Music is a valuable part of any culture. Students on this Journey will explore music education in Costa Rican classrooms. They will perform music, lead musical activities and games, and share experiences with local students. The course will increase understanding of educational systems, both in Costa Rica and the U.S., and nurture appreciation for the study of music.

Washington, D.C.

“Prejudice vs. Tolerance: Learning and Applying the Lessons of the Holocaust”

Dr. Mike Russell

Honors students are invited to investigate the history and lessons of the Holocaust through research, group activities and service-learning. Participants will consider how and why a nation of people followed a dictator down the path of racist nationalism and worldwide conquest. Students will determine what lessons can be learned from Nazi Germany and the Holocaust and how these lessons can be applied to their private lives, U.S. leadership and the greater world community.