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Wesleyan Journey Q&A

Am I qualified for a free Wesleyan Journey?

A Wesleyan Journey course will be funded* by KWU when current students have met all of the following criteria:

  • Are a current, full-time, on-ground KWU student
  • Achieved a 2.0 GPA or above
  • Are a current full-time, on-ground student who has attended KWU for four semesters within six years prior to the course in which you wish to enroll (or you are in your fourth semester as a transfer and are graduating)
  • Are in good financial standing with KWU
  • Have submitted a $250 refundable deposit

How do I register for a Wesleyan Journey?

Register for Wesleyan Journey courses through MyKWU and navigate to Current Students > Wesleyan Journey Enrollment Application.

What kind of service projects would I be participating in during the course?

It depends on your course and where the service partners are located. You could be helping to reforest a monkey corridor in Costa Rica, teaching music lessons in rural villages, installing natural and sustainable water filtering grout in Key Largo, Florida, or helping to preserve cultural artifacts in Germany.

Is it Free?

*Current students, who meet all qualifications, can take a course within the U.S. or in Costa Rica for no cost. Passports and a $250 refundable deposit are required. Students who select a course in Europe will be required to pay an additional fee for the course. Airfare, meals and all expenses are included.

How will I be prepared for travel?

In addition to meeting with your professor for course-related information prior to travel, every student will attend four trainings at our Center for Global Service Learning. This series will cover the Wesleyan Journey overview packet, travel safety and preparedness, service project partners, packing lists and several other topics to equip you for your course.

Can I take a Wesleyan Journey course even if I'm not qualified?

Yes! Students may take any Wesleyan Journey course they choose, at any time, at their own expense. Interested in how much your Wesleyan Journey would cost? Email Dr. Meredith Drees for more information on your specific course.