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What is Merit?

We know that while you are a Kansas Wesleyan Coyote, you have the opportunity to achieve many noteworthy accomplishments in the classroom and through various clubs and activities. When these celebratory moments occur, we want to share them!


We use a media platform called Merit Pages to publish online news about your accomplishments and share it via our Kansas Wesleyan University Facebook page and KWU Twitter (@goKWU). These achievements will appear on your own personal Merit page. This is designed to showcase your successes by posting Merit badges on your page for things like being named to the President’s Honor Roll or Dean’s Honor Roll, engaging in a club activity, landing an internship, participating in a service project while taking a Wesleyan Journey course, or earning athletic awards.

And when you are recognized by KWU on Merit for an accomplishment, we are also able to send this news to the newspaper(s) serving your home town zip code, which you identified during your KWU registration. In addition, your news is shared with the state representatives serving your home town and is sent to your former high school to let them know what its graduate is accomplishing at Kansas Wesleyan. 

When you begin your first semester at Kansas Wesleyan and you are notified that we have created a Merit page for you, you should follow the link in that email and sign into your page and make it your own. Customize it by adding a picture of yourself, and add a list your academic and extracurricular activities, including any experience gained at work or from being involved in the community. You can also add any associations, fraternal memberships or outside honors, such as Alpha Chi.

Having a collection of college achievements in one place will benefit you as you move through your academic career, and later on when you seek employment. Your Merit page is Internet-searchable and can be seen by potential employers and businesses, and by graduate school admissions representatives.

In addition to appearing on your personal achievements page, your achievement stories posted by the university are listed on the main KWU Merit page.

We are proud to see all you accomplish as a KWU Coyote, and we want you be excited about sharing the great things you are doing here. Be sure to claim your Merit page, add a photo, and get started adding any extra accomplishments you choose!

Best of all, this Merit page goes with you when you graduate. It is yours to add to as you see fit, and if in the future your graduate school or employer uses Merit to recognize accomplishments, they can add to it, as well.

If you haven't signed into your page and forgot how, you may contact the Merit HelpDesk directly for assistance