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Charges: Tuition and Other Costs



Full-Time:     Per Year




Tuition (12-18* hours)



Residential Cost (shared occupancy and full meal plan)


Technology Fee






A one-time $200 Enrollment Confirmation Fee ($100 if payment is made before June 1) is required of all full-time, undergraduate students in order to register for classes and reserve aid awards.  Allow approximately $600 per semester for books and supplies. Nursing clinical and student teaching fees are an additional $50 per credit hour. KICA special education courses incur additional charges.  Fees are subject to change when the 2021-2022 catalog is posted. Please refer to pgs. 30-31 of the current academic catalog for a list of current fees.

An additional fee for health insurance for any uninsured student will be added in the 2021-2022 academic year. Please watch your KWU email for updates regarding the cost of this health insurance.

*An overload fee for hours in excess of 18 is an additional $410 per credit hour.  Activity-based courses such as varsity athletics, choir, band, orchestra, music lessons, forensics, debate, and theatre are excluded from overload charges.


Part-time, Per Semester




1-6 Hours

$300 per credit hour


7-9 Hours

$420 per credit hour


10-11 Hours

$630 per credit hour

Pre-freshmen (up to six hours per semester):

$150 per credit hour

Audit (undergraduate):

$150 per credit hour

Senior Citizen (over age 65):

$150 per credit hour 


RN to BS PROGRAM - (Registered Nurse to Baccalaureate Degree) Twenty-five (25) credit hour degree completion program - $440 per credit hour




Tuition per credit hour

$495 per credit hour 

Audit  per  credit hour

$260 per credit hour



Are available for purchase from There are two methods to know what textbooks you will need for each class:

1)    Log on to your myKWU account. On the main page, on the left side, you will see a link titled “MY COURSES”. Click on this link to see information about your course, your professor and learn about your textbook(s) and other required course materials.  Write down your course numbers, and text ISBN and edition number.

2)    Go to and click on “Buy Textbooks”.  It will take you to KWU E-Campus.  There, search for your course numbers to find your texts’  ISBN and edition numbers.  You can also purchase or rent your textbooks at that site.  See “Book Vouchers” below.  You are welcome to buy/rent your textbooks where you can find the best value, but Book Vouchers can only be used at

Can I use a Book Voucher or My Financial Assistance Award to pay for my textbooks?

If your total financial assistance award for the term is greater than your charges, you are entitled to a “Credit Balance," which you can use to as a “Book Voucher” issued by the Student Financial Planning Department. 

Th earlier you can obtain your textbooks, the better. Working during the Summer and saving your wages is a good way to pay ahead of the semester for textbooks. However, if you still have a planned credit balance and want to use a book voucher, contact the Student Financial Planning Office in the K Dub Hub (Pioneer Hall 285, 785-833-4315) for more information about book vouchers.