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How will I be informed if my FAFSA is selected for Verification?

The Student Financial Planning Department will post a notice to you on your MyKWU Student Portal Account, under the section titled “Financial Aid Document Tracking”.  It will provide detailed instructions of what to provide and how to provide it.  Read and follow these instructions carefully.  Check this section frequently.

My application is selected for “Verification”?  What is “Verification?” 

Verification is best thought of as a quality assurance program of the Federal Government to attempt to assure that students’ Financial Aid awards are based on accurate calculations and accurate data.  So information on your FAFSA is compared to other documents to “verify” the FAFSA data is correct.

What does this mean to me?

Your FAFSA being selected for Verification means that the Student Financial Planning Office will be unable to proceed with processing your application for financial assistance until you “complete verification.” In short, you will not receive financial aid award notification until you complete this step, meaning that you would then be responsible for the payment of your tuition and charges in full before you will be able to move in to Residence Halls or to commence athletic competition or to attend classes.

When is my deadline for completing “Verification?"

On a practical level, the good answer is “DO IT NOW!”  Delay serves no good purpose. Some financial aid programs are limited in funding, and available funding may be exhausted by the time you complete Verification. The Federal government permits you to complete verification as late as 120 days after you cease attending in the award year (usually, this means the end of the term), or a date in late September of the award year, whichever of those two comes earlier. Completing this later or missing the deadline, will result in a loss of federal is eligibility.

For example, if Verification is completed after the academic year, or if your enrollment is ended, we cannot process loans and limited funds may be exhausted. If you are having trouble completing verification, contact the Student Financial Planning Office in the K-Dub Hub for help at (785) 833-4315.