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1098T: Tuition Statement for the IRS

The IRS 1098T is issued to each student in the last week of January each year for the tax year ended on the immediately preceding December 30th.  (Example: week beginning January 27, 2020 for the tax year that ended December 31, 2019.)  The Federal deadline for issuance of the 1098-T is January 31st each year.             

How do you receive your 1098T?

  • If you have a campus mail box at the Post Office in the Student Activities Center, it will be placed there for you to collect.
  • If you do NOT have a campus mail box at the Post Office, the 1098T will be mailed to your "permanent address" as recorded in the Jenzabar computer system.

HINT: In early January of each year, confirm your "permanent address" with the Registrar's Office in Pioneer Hall Room 285. Make sure it is the address to which you want important documents to be mailed.

The 1098T is helpful to you (and possibly your parents) in completing your Federal Income Tax Returns. Because you are a college student, you and/or your parent may qualify for tax credits, which could increase your refund or reduce your tax bill.  So, get your 1098T to your parents or Tax preparer ASAP!

For your convenience, you are able to print your 1098T from your MyKWU Student Portal account. 

What if I did not receive or have misplaced my 1098T?

First: Log onto your MyKWU Student Portal.

Click on “Students” > “Financial Information” and scroll to the bottom of the page to the section titled “My 1098-T."

Follow the instructions. You can print it there at no charge.


Second: Contact the Controller in the KWU Business Office

  • Confirm that you should have received a 1098T 
  • Request a duplicate 1098-T
  • There will be a $5.00 duplicate 1098-T fee

IRS Education Tax Credits Can Help Your Family Save Money on Taxes

Below are some helpful links on tax credits: