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Filing Your Tax Return

Do you need help in Filing your Income Tax Returns?

Several sources of free assistance are available:

a)      Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Volunteers are available at “The City” in Salina, KS.  “The  City” is a non-profit social service organization.  For more information, see their website at .

b)      You may be able to do your return yourself.  See the IRS Website for instructions and help.  

What if I(or my parents) don’t have to file or did not file?

If you filed a return, you must do the IRS Data Retrieval or provide a Tax Return Transcript. 

If you did not file and were not required to file, please send a copy of all of your W-2 forms to the Student Financial Planning Office and the “KWU Non-Filer form”.  Go to the “Forms” Tab of this Student Financial Planning Office page.  Download the appropriate form:  “Non Filer Form for….  Complete the form, attach all of your /your parents’ W-2’s (if any)  and submit  to the KWU Student Financial Planning Office in the K-Dub Hub by email to or fax to 785-404-1485 or mail/ deliver to the HUB. 

Below is a link to an IRS YouTube Video.  Watch this quick video to determine if you are required to file.

IRS “Do I Have To File a Tax Return?” Video

Even if you are not required to file, it may be to your advantage to file anyway.  You might get a refund.  If you qualify, you may even get a refundable tax credit; it could be more than was deducted from your pay. 

If you were required to file but have NOT filed, you will not be able to complete “Verification”.  See the instructions on the menu on the right regarding Verification and Tax Extensions.  If you are required to file, and did not request a Tax Extension by the deadline, you will not be able to complete Verification until you do file, and are able to import your tax information using IRS Data Retrieval or provide an IRS Tax Transcript.  The IRS tells us that three weeks after the Taxpayer files their return electronically, both IRS Data Retrieval and  Tax Return Transcript can be done.  Paper Tax Returns take a little longer…. about 11 weeks.   Sorry.  We cannot accept a photocopy of your Tax Return in lieu of IRS Data Retrieval for Verification.