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How Do I Complete Verification?

To “Complete Verification” means:

1)      You complete and submit the specific requested “Verification Worksheet”,  with all required signatures, to the Student Financial Planning Office via fax 785/404-1485 or scan and email to or mail  or deliver to our office, and

2)      If your (or your parents) were required to file an Income Tax Return with the IRS, you have imported the Income Tax Information from the IRS Website into your FAFSA using IRS Data Retrieval and your FAFSA PIN.  See the Section below titled “IRS Data Retrieval”. 

3)      Other documents requested:  You submit the specific other documents requested of you on your KWU Portal Account, Financial Aid Section, “Financial Aid Document Tracking’, via fax 785/404-1485 or scan and email to or mail to our office.

When all Verification documents (and IRS Data Retrieval) have been received, the Student Financial Planning  staff will review your FAFSA for accuracy, make any needed corrections to your FAFSA, calculate, and post your financial assistance awards to your KWU Portal Account.  We will also email an award letter to your KWU Email account.   Sorry!   The award letters must be mailed to only email addresses for protection of your personal information…regulations!

What is my DEADLINE to COMPLETE VERIFICATION?  On a practical level, the good answer is “DO IT NOW!”  Delay serves no good purpose.  Some financial aid programs are limited in funding, and available funding may be exhausted by the time you complete Verification.   The Federal government permits you to complete Verification as late as 120 days after  you cease attending in the award year (usually this means the end of the term), or a date in late September of award year (for 13-14 this would be September 2014, specific date to be announced by USDE), whichever comes earlier.  However other deadlines crowd this, for example, if Verification is completed after the academic year is ended, we can’t process loans and other funds may be exhausted.  If you are having trouble completing Verification, contact the Student Financial Planning Office in the K Dub Hub for help.