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Guidelines to Student Life

Kansas Wesleyan University affirms learning experiences both in and out of the classroom. Give some serious thought to becoming involved. Here are a few examples of your opportunities:

Alphi Chi Honor Society

KNEA-SP (Kansas National Education Association -  Student Program)


Art Club

Legal Club (Corpus Juris)

Beta Beta Beta

Medical/Health Society

Biology Club

Multicultural Student Association

Campus Crusade for Christ

Phi Alpa Theta

Campus Ministries


Cheerleading/Dance Team

Psychology & Service Organizations

Chemistry Club

Physics Club


Resident Assistant

College Republicans

Student Alumni Association

Computer Club

Student Government Association

Coyote Activities Board

Student Nursing Organization

Drama Club

SPES Majors Club

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

UMW (United Methodist Women)

History Club         


Intercollegiate Athletics

Writer’s Guild




The services provided include part-time and full-time job listings, computer career guidance system, credentials management, internship opportunities, graduate program information, job search strategies, and career counseling.  Students seeking career assistance should go to the Student Development Office.


Pressure besets college students on a number of levels. Students desiring counseling services should go to the Student Development Office for assistance.


Students who live in the residence halls purchase a board contract that entitles the student to 18 meals per week (includes $100 per semester in a declining balance account in the Coyote Den). Students not living in the residence halls will find a good meal here at a bargain price. Meals may be purchased at the door in the Cafeteria or at the Den in the Student Activities Center.  A full meal plan (18 meals per week) may be purchased in the Business Office.


KWU celebrates its rich United Methodist heritage and is committed to the task of being a Christian university. The KWU Campus Ministry mission is to witness to Jesus Christ in the world and to follow his teachings through acts of compassion, justice, worship and devotion under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The goal of campus ministry is to serve the spiritual needs of the KWU community. Programs, activities and worship experiences are open to all students, faculty, and staff.


All full-time students at KWU are enrolled in a secondary accident and sickness insurance plan. The cost of the policy is included in tuition and fees. Additional information on coverage and claims is available in the Athletic Training Office. The Athletic Training Office will provide secondary insurance information to students and assist them in filing a claim for benefits under the policy.


The safety and security of students is a priority at KWU. The University has security guards who cooperate with the staff of the residence halls and local law enforcement agencies to help create a safe living environment.

There are many practical ways that students can contribute to their own personal safety. Using the “buddy system” when walking places during the evening is one example. Under no circumstances prop open the outside doors to the residence halls when they are locked (violators will be subject to disciplinary action). Keep your room locked whenever you are absent. Be a partner with the University in creating a secure environment for your educational and social activities.


Unmarried undergraduate students under the age of 21 are required to live in the residence hall for the first two years of college subsequent to high school graduation.  Local students are permitted to live at home with parents.  Students living in the residence hall during the fall and spring semesters with no previously identified roommate will be assigned one by the University.  However, students may request a private room (available on a very limited basis).  Requests for private rooms will be considered and approved by the Student Development Office.  Students in private rooms will be billed for the additional private room charge.

During the summer semester, it will be the student’s responsibility to identify a roommate.  Students will be billed for the actual occupancy experience.  For example, one person in a room is charged the single occupancy rate; two or more persons in a room are each charged the double occupancy rate.  In order to move into a summer residence hall room, students must pay their first month and a half rent and have paid all prior obligations to the University.  Summer months are billed as May 15- June 30 and July 1-August 15.

Apartment residents are responsible for identifying their roommate(s).  Students will be billed for the actual occupancy experience. 


KWU is committed to providing for the total educational development of students in an environment conducive to academic pursuits and social, spiritual, personal, and physical growth with individual and community integrity and responsibility.

Through enrollment in the University, all students enrolled at KWU agree to accept the Mission Statement and to follow the rules and regulations that have been set forth.  Students in violation of local, state, or federal laws which influence, interfere or adversely affect the University maybe subject to campus disciplinary action as well as criminal sanctions.  More information regarding student conduct and the discipline process can be found in the Student Handbook.


The use of drugs, including alcohol, on the campus of Kansas Wesleyan University is considered detrimental to the educational environment.  For this reason KWU wishes to maintain an alcohol and drug-free campus.  Use or possession of alcoholic beverages on campus is prohibited.  Use of illegal drugs on or off campus is prohibited and violates the KWU code of conduct. Violators will be subject to disciplinary and/or legal action.  Empty alcoholic beverage containers are not permitted, even as decorative items. 

*A full statement of University policy and procedures related to drug and alcohol use is located in the Student Handbook, published by the Student Development Office



A new law banning smoking in public places statement, the Kansas Clean Indoor Air Act, was signed by the Governor of Kansas March 12, 2010.  In light of this new legislation, the President’s Cabinet reviewed the previous non-smoking policy and has recommended that the University take the next step and become a smoke free campus.  It is in our best interest to have a healthy working environment and to protect our students, faculty, staff and campus visitors.


Effective April 5, 2010, Kansas Wesleyan University became a tobacco free campus.


The Tobacco Free Policy covers all types of smoking products and smokeless tobacco (chewing tobacco) products.

Restrictions on Smoking

All area of the University premises and grounds are now tobacco free, without exception.

Campus Visitors

All visitors, contractors and deliveries are required to abide by this policy.  Employees are expected to inform students or visitors of the smoke free policy.


The smoke free ban also applies to any University vehicles and any vehicles being used on University business.


Compliance with the smoke free policy is mandatory for all employees, students and visitors to campus.  Employees who disregard the tobacco free policy may be subject to disciplinary action.