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Jake Provo

Jake Provo, from Eldorado, KS, said his high school debate coach, Megan Hagaman ’07, encouraged him to come to Kansas Wesleyan. Faculty member John Burchill, ’80, helped him create his customized major, Geopolitical Studies, incorporating his love of debate with his interests in economic policy, politics, international relations, and world religions. In 2016, he landed an internship in Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback’s office.

In Washington, he was accepted for internship positions for both U.S. Senators from Kansas, Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran. Provo chose Senator Moran's office. There he spent most of the day fielding and responding to constituent email and phone calls, plus working with Legislative Assistants and Legislative Coordinators, taking notes at briefings, helping staff members contact other offices, and updating contact lists.