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Lockwood Hall (1886—1959)

The first building on campus, Lockwood Hall, was completed on September 15, 1886 allowing Kansas Wesleyan to open its doors for the first time. The city of Salina donated 15 acres and $26,000 while the rest of the money for the project was secured through donations. The initial three story structure contained class rooms, laboratories, a chapel, a museum, a hall for literary societies and the president’s room. In 1921, the building was relocated at a cost of $40,000 to make room for the new administration building. On June 6, 1922 a service of dedication was held in memory of Rev. J.H. Lockwood, pioneer founder of KWU and on its first board of trustees, and the building was renamed in his honor. The building was used for Liberal Arts until construction was completed for Pioneer Hall. Lockwood Hall then housed the Division of Music and Art until it was demolished in 1959.