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Kansas Wesleyan students and Costa Rican elementary school students

Music Wesleyan Journey 2015

Expanding Horizons

In October 2015, eight KWU students travelled to La Fortuna, Costa Rica, for a Wesleyan Journey course called "Communicating Through Music." For one week, they engaged in various service learning projects, such as doing a musical outreach to elementary schools and working with the very talented musicians of the local community marching band, using music to overcome the Spanish-English language barrier.

One of the most innovative opportunities offered to KWU students is the option to register for a course that includes an intentional and meaningful service experience with travel, domestic or abroad. This is the Wesleyan Journey, offered in a variety of academic disciplines. In addition to the faculty member(s) traveling with their students to teach the course, a leader from a respected service-learning organization accompanies and guides the group into established partner locations, with opportunities for fun recreation activities and new experiences.

Students may register for a Wesleyan Journey course as early as their freshman year (at their own cost). The Wesleyan Journey offers all students the opportunity to join a service-learning course either domestic or abroad. The university will fund one Wesleyan Journey for each qualifying student before they graduate. Learn more about Wesleyan Journey when you contact KWU Admissions Office at or by calling 785-833-4305.