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Wesleyan Music Camp

Camp: May 27-31 | 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. | Pioneer Hall, KWU

Concert: Friday, May 31st at 6pm at Christ Cathedral

Teachers include: 

Denise Blehm, violin
Manda Deegan, violin/viola
Jesse Henkensiefken, cello
John Davis, bass

Click HERE to complete the registration form or download a PDF: music camp_2019.pdf 

2019 KWU Music Camp Full Schedule

KWU – Pioneer Hall

8-8:30am – Arrival/music games
8:30am – Topic Lecture (Theory, History, Resume)
9:30am – Technique class by instrument
10:15am – Break
10:30-11:30pm – Small Ensemble Rehearsal
11:30-12:30pm – Lunch
12:30-2pm – Small Ensemble Rehearsal
2pm – Large Ensemble Rehearsal
3pm – Music Games, solo practice
4pm – Dismissal

KWU – Pioneer Hall

8-8:30am – Arrival/warm-up
9:30am – Concert run-through
10:30am – Last touch up if needed 
11:30am – Lunch
12:30pm – Kenwood Cove
4pm – Dismissal

Eisenhower Presidential Library Visitors Center

4:30pm – Arrival/tuning
4:45pm – Sound Check
5:30pm – Concert
8:00pm – Salina Symphony Concert