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B.A. with a History Major

History Major Requirements -- 40 Credit Hours

In addition to all Core Requirements and Liberal Studies Requirements, the student must complete all of the following:

HIST 105 World Civilizations I – 3 credit hours

HIST 106 World Civilizations II – 3 credit hours

HIST 220 American History I – 3 credit hours

HIST 221 American History II – 3 credit hours

HIST 280 Research Methods in History – 3 credit hours

HIST 460 Internship – 1 Credit Hour

HIST 499 Senior Thesis – 3 credit hours

History electives – 21 credit hours of 300 or 400 level History courses (to be chosen in consultation with your History advisor)

The following non-history courses can be substituted as History electives:

REPH 306 Survey of Church History – 3 credit hours

PSYC 410 History of Psychology – 3 credit hours

MATH 300 History of Math – 3 credit hours

(Note: POLI310 U.S. Constitution and Government does not count as a History elective)

Students require a minimum of 120 semester credits to graduate with a Bachelor's Degree from KWU. This may necessitate further coursework beyond that specified above (such as a minor in another subject or additional history courses above the minimum required for the major).

For more information, contact Dr. Mike Russell, professor and chair of the Department of History, or call 785-833-4358.