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Environmental Physics Concentration

Forces of Nature

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

Environmental Physics is the application of the principles of physics to problems in the environment. It is an interdisciplinary field combining physics, environmental science, chemistry, math and biology.

Work done in this field describes the behavior of environmental parameters such as temperature and radiation on natural and man-made systems.

Graduates in Environmental Physics pursue careers in fields such as:

  • Alternative Energy
  • Green Manufacturing
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Geology
  • Environmental Law
  • Government Agencies

Why Study Physics at KWU ?

Physics majors at KWU have the opportunity to study in small classes, allowing them to be known by the faculty members and receive individualized instruction and mentoring for their educational path and career choices. Students also have the opportunity to get involved in the Math and Physics Club, where they can acquire leadership skills and develop their networking abilities.

For more information, contact Dr. Kristin Kraemer, assistant professor of Physics, or call (785) 833-4466.