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Central Kansas Math Teachers' Circle

Math Teachers’ Circles are an opportunity for middle school and high school teachers to get together with mathematicians and work on interesting and challenging mathematics. These sessions aim to be fun, engaging and interesting. We attempt to promote problem-solving skills, confidence and good classroom activities.

During the 2018-2019 academic year, dates are as follows.

  • September 10: Mathematical Square Dancing (No squares, just dancing!)
  • November 5: Hercules and the Hydra (A problem in graph theory.)
  • February 4: No Thanks! (Analyze the card and dice game.)
  • April 1: Fools for Math (Paradoxes!)

Meetings are at Peters Science Hall on the Kansas Wesleyan University campus.  They are informal, and dinner is provided.

For more information about Math Teachers' Circles in general, see the American Institute of Mathematics.