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Research Links

  • MathWorld is a great place for definitions and relations between various mathematical definitions.
  • Wikipedia.  Of course, you have to be careful using this one!
  • KWU Library
  • The math stack exchange is a forum for people to ask and answer math questions, ranging from the very easy to the very complicated.
  • The Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences is a site that keeps track of sequences of integers. When you run across a sequence of integers and wonder what it means or if it's been studied before, this is the place to look.

Mathematics Programs:

  • Sage is a powerful mathematical package that is free, open-source, and runs online.
  • Wolfram|Alpha looks like a browser, but it's actually a powerful knowledge engine, capable of doing math up through calculus and much more, if you ask it nicely.
  • GeoGebra is a geometry program.

Various Math Gizmos: