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Clinical Practice Admission Criteria

To be approved for clinical practice, the candidate must submit an application to the Director of Teacher Education by December 1st for the following fall semester or by April 1st for the following spring semester.

All coursework must be completed prior to beginning clinical practice. The Director of Teacher Education and the chair of the candidate major department will determine if the candidate has taken all required courses in their major area of study, all required professional education courses and met the following criteria.

1.  Achieve full acceptance into the Teacher Education Program

2.  Achieve a cumulative grade point average of 2.75

3.  Achieve a minimum grade point average of 2.75 for content area.

4.  Achieve grades of C or higher in the Teacher Education Program

5.  Achieve an average of 3.00 or higher in early field experiences

6.  Submit two dispositions one from the advisor and the other from a methods instructor

7.  Interview; receive an average of 3.00 on the interview, and a vote of approval from the Teacher Education Committee based on the above criteria.

The candidate will be notified of the decision of the Teacher Education Committee.  An appeals procedure is available.