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Clinical Practice Policies

Personal Connection Policy

It is the policy of Kansas Wesleyan University Teacher Education Program to place candidates in schools to which there are no personal connections for them. Personal connections could include but are not limited to the following:

• Candidate’s children attend the school

• Candidate’s relatives’ children attend the school

• Candidate attended the school within the last seven years

The candidate can appeal to the Teacher Education Committee in writing stating the reasons for requesting placement in a school to which there is some personal connection. The Teacher Education Committee makes the decision of placement.

Out of Area Placement Policy

Placement of candidates for clinical practice is made within a 50-mile radius of Kansas Wesleyan University. If a candidate requests a placement beyond this radius, the following procedure is to be followed:

• Submit a written formal request to the Teacher Education Committee prior to the clinical practice interview indicating the reasons for a special placement.  No requests will be considered after the clinical practice interviews have taken place.

• Assume all monetary responsibilities that may be incurred including but not limited to payment of university supervisor, cooperating teacher, etc.

• Provide the Director of Teacher Education with the necessary information to make a placement out of area including but not limited to school district telephone number, superintendent name, principal name and telephone number, university in the area from which a supervisor could be requested and telephone number.

Each request will be evaluated on an individual basis. The following criteria will be considered:

• Candidate resides in the area requested and has been driving to Kansas Wesleyan University to take classes.

• Candidate plans to live with family or spouse

• Candidate has a GPA of 3.0 or higher

• Candidate demonstrates professionalism


All candidates are assessed a clinical practice supervision fee.  Candidates requesting placement outside of the local area are responsible for any fees beyond the university fee.

Clinical Practice TB Test Forms

All candidates must have a TB form on file in the Teacher Education office at Kansas Wesleyan University prior to starting their clinical practice.  If the Teacher Education office does not receive a TB test form on a candidate, his/her clinical practice will be delayed until the Teacher Education office receives the necessary form.  It is the candidate’s responsibility to give the school district in which he/she is completing clinical practice a copy of the TB test form.  Note that TB test forms older than six months at the start of clinical practice will not be accepted.  A new TB test must be gotten.

Verification for Recommendation of Licensure

After candidates have successfully completed clinical practice, the Director of Teacher Education and the Licensure Officer verify that the candidates have completed all the requirements for graduation and licensure, including:

• Achieve a cumulative grade point average of 2.75 or above

• Pass PLT ( a score of 160 or above)

• Pass Content Test (see page 16 for minimum score)

• Successfully completed clinical practice with a grade of C or higher

• Pass KPTP (a score of 20 or higher)

The Director of Teacher Education and the Licensure Officer present a list of the verified candidates to the Teacher Education Committee.  The Teacher Education Committee accepts or denies the recommendation for licensure.

If a candidate is denied recommendation for licensure, he/she may appeal to the Teacher Education Committee and the Academic Affairs Committee of Kansas Wesleyan University.


Due to the rapidly changing nature of education today, it is the policy of the Education Department not to accept education classes taken by students more than six years previously.  However, each case will be considered on an individual basis by the Director of Teacher Education.  The student and the university registrar will be notified of the decision by the Director of Teacher Education or the Licensure Officer.

Professional Liability Insurance

All students/candidates who participate in early field experiences or clinical practice must carry professional liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000.  Proof of professional liability insurance in the required amount must be submitted to the Director of Teacher Education before the student/candidate will be assigned to an early field experience or clinical practice.

Candidates who join the Kansas National Education Association Student Program (KNEA-SP) receive $1,000,000 of professional liability insurance as part of their membership and will be verified as KNEA-SP members by the Department of Teacher Education.