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Teacher Education News


Spring2014- Jonathon Dewey, History Education and Abigail Anderson, Elementary Education

Fall 2014- Jericho Parker, Elementary Education and Melanie Mann, Music Education

Spring 2015- Kaitlin Dallman, Elementary Education and Taylor Elkinton, Physical Education

 Fall 2015 - Stephanie Johannes, Mathematics and Karly Foster, Elementary Education

Spring 2016 - Cassidy Cook, Elementary Education and Luke Curry, History Education

Fall 2016 - Rachel Thaemert, Elementary Education and Keara Lenard, Chemistry

Spring 2017 - Heather Koester, Elementary Education



Cross Country: Rebekah Hallman, Elementary Education

Football: Robert Burcher, History Education; Jonathan Dewey, History Education; Adam Schneck, Health/Physical Education

Volleyball: Kayla Dearden, Elementary Education; Taylor Elkinton, Health/Physical Education

Competitive Cheer: Meagan Ayers, Elementary Education; Anna Morrissette, Elementary Education

Basketball:  Shelby Heim, Elementary Education

Baseball:  Luke Curry, History Education; Brandon Maio, Health/Physical Education

Softball:  Kim Patterson, Elementary Education; Lauren Szoboscan, Elementary Education; Kylee Timberlake, Health/Physical Education

Track: Rebekah Hallman, Elementary Education



Alpha Chi is a national collegiate honor society that admits students from all academic disciplines.  Membership is by invitation only and is limited to the top ten percent of an institution’s juniors, seniors and graduate students.  Alpha Chi members have been “making scholarship effective for good” since 1922.

Alpha Chi Members:  Melanie Mann - Music Education, Emma Kitch - History Education, Taylor Elkinton - Physical & Health Education,  Kylee Timberlake - Physical & Health Education, Kayla Dearden - Elementary Education

Contact: Dr. Steve Hoekstra, Professor of Psychology. Extension 4362



The Kansas State Department of Education sponsors the Horizon Award for teachers who have demonstrated excellence during their first full year of teaching.

Spring 2012 - Josh Massey, 2009 graduate of the KWU Teacher Education Department, received the 2012 Secondary Horizon Award.

Spring 2017 - Jericho Johnson, 2014 graduate of the KWU Teacher Education Department, received the 2017 Elementary Horizon Award.



KWU Alumni have been recognized with this award the past two years. Congratulations!

2013– Brandon Cheeks, Lakewood Middle School

2012 Michelle Palmgren, Salina South High School