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Special Projects

You Can Help

Each year there are a number of smaller projects Kansas Wesleyan is seeking funding for, through individuals or grants.

This is not a complete listing, but will give an idea for those of you who might be interested in something more specific.

Our recommendation is for you to consider supporting our annual fund, without a specific designation, so that areas of most immediate need can be addressed.

Nelson Student Success Center (to assist student learning in all subjects at all levels)

Hazen Teacher Education Center (to assist faculty in learning updated teaching technology and methods)

Technology (Annual upkeep of hardware, software and advancing technology in the classrooms and on campus is over $250,000)

Fitzpatrick Auditorium Sound & Multimedia System (making the auditorium a multi-media classroom)

Backstrom Conference Room Multimedia System (we need the ability to make the conference room even more useable)