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LTC Allan Lancetta signs the Adopt A School documents with area schools including KWU.

Partnerships & Collaborations

An important part of advancing the university mission is working with other organizations for programming, events, and many other joint activities.

University United Methodist Church - Act II meets on Sundays at 6:45 when KWU is in session and is ministry especially geared toward college-age students and young adults.

Salina Regional Health Center – closely aligned with our Department/Division of Nursing

Eisenhower Library, Birthplace and Museum - Working with our History Department, showcases Eisenhower Library programs on our campus.

Sacred Heart / St. Mary's Schools - As neighbors, we work together on many programs, projects and event and use each others facilities.

Ft. Riley Combat Aviation Brigade - Interaction between soldiers and students is an ongoing relationship fostering respect and friendships.

Emergency Management Consortium - Working with our Criminal Justice Program to enhance opportunities for learning.

William S. Heusner Elementary School - Working with our Department of Education to enhance the learning training process for new teachers.

We work with civic organizations and area chambers of commerce to enhance our visibility in the region.

Salina Area Chamber of Commerce

Junction City Area Chamber of Commerce

Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce

Salina Audubon Society – Sharing facilities with our Department of Biology.