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Requirements for Major

B.A. Criminal Justice Major Requirements - 42 Credit Hours

The student must complete all of the following:

BSHS 210 Statistical Analysis (3)
SOCI 100 Introduction to Criminal Justice (3)
SOCI 203 Criminal Law  (3)
SOCI 205 Criminal Procedures (3) 
SOCI 233 Crime & Delinquency  (3) 
SOCI 320 Criminal Justice Administration (3)
SOCI 331 Methods of Research in the Behavioral Sciences  (3)
SOCI401Criminal Justice Capstone (3)
Student must complete 18 hours of approved electives (18)

Domestic Violence Endorsement:

SOCI210Victimology (3)

SOCI304Violence  (3)
SOCI306Domestic Violence (3)

Law Enforcement Endorsement:
SOCI205Criminal Procedures  (3)
SOCI208Patrol Procedures  (3)
SOCI303 Criminal Investigations (3)

Offender Management Endorsement:
SOCI233Crime & Delinquency  (3)
SOCI305Correctional Procedures  (3) Correctional Counseling (3)

Advising Recommendations for Criminal Justice Major

Students are advised to take approximately 16 (15.5) hours, on average, per semester. While most of the major is not sequenced, and the Liberal Studies program has tremendous flexibility, students are advised the following sequence: Freshman Year - English Composition I and II, Speech, Introduction to Criminal Justice, Crime & Delinquency, a Computer course; Sophomore Year -A Math Course, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedures; Junior Year - Statistics, Methods of Research, Criminal Justice Administration, and criminal justice electives. Senior Year - Professional courses/Internship. The other courses in the major and Liberal Studies courses and general electives should be spread throughout, with general attention being paid to the course number. Students should be cognizant of courses offered on an every other year or infrequent basis.