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Agreements with St. John's Military School

College Prep

St. John's Military School cadets have the opportunity to pursue college-level study as early as their junior year!

Junior and senior cadets at St. John's will have the option of taking select core curriculum and college-level business courses at KWU. Students can take two on-ground courses during four regular semesters, plus two online courses during one summer semester. Upon graduation from St. John's, students would have 30 college credit hours. This would allow them to complete their bachelor's degree in three years or an M.B.A. in four years of full-time study at Kansas Wesleyan.

What courses can I take?

Fall 1

BUSA 100 Intro to Business
SCTH 120 Public Speaking

Spring 1

BUSA 150 Personal Finance
PSYC 101 General Psychology

Fall 2

ENGL 120 Intro to Comp
MATH 120 College Algebra

Spring 2

ENGL 121 Intermediate Comp
COMM 100 Visual Communication

Summer following Spring 2

REPH 111 Ethics
ACCT 203 Intro to Accounting

I want to learn more!

Contact Damon Kraft, KWU's provost.