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Buy Textbooks with eCampus

Online Shopping

Buying textbooks for your classes is now easier and more flexible with online retailer!

You'll be able to choose whether to buy new or used, or rent your books, as well as compare prices between retailers. All books can now be purchased through and will no longer be sold at Yotee's. Don't worry; Yotee's will still sell KWU apparel, gear and student supplies.


Will I be able to get books before Fall 2017 classes begin?

Yes, if you plan ahead and allow for shipping time.

Is there a cost for shipping?

Shipping is free on orders of $59 or more.

Can I sell my books back at the end of the semester?


Will I be able to use a book voucher?

Students whose financial aid exceeds their tuition charges may still use the excess to purchase books. In order to apply these funds to your purchase, you will need to work with the K-Dub Hub prior to purchasing books. It is highly recommended that you call 785-833-4319 or email before move-in.

Where can I find out more information?

The K-Dub Hub can help answer your questions. Call 785-833-4319, email or visit the K-Dub Hub on the second floor of Pioneer Hall.