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Discover the Power of AND at KWU, where students gain exceptional academic knowledge and faculty encouragement in their chosen fields of study−AND are involved in many exciting campus activitieswhile still finishing their bachelor's degree in four years. It is a place that allows students to follow their passions, be themselves and develop intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

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KWU offers unique and innovative undergraduate degrees and a Master of Business Administration. The university, recognized as a College of Distinction™, is characterized by excellence within a caring environment and student-centered education.

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Art & Design

Hey Right Brainers! Let your creative side lead you to an exciting career in Art or Design.

Behavior Science & Human Services

Are you a people person? We've got many choices that will give you opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others!


Be the next generation of scientists in our ever-changing world of modern medicine, disease control and environmental hazards. 

Business and Accounting

Are you a master at Sudoku? Do you like watching Ted Talks on YouTube? Are the commercials your favorite part of the Super Bowl? You're in the right place.


Whether binging on CSI has created a passion for forensic science, or you admired your Chemistry teacher so much that you want to teach high school science, we've got the right mix of degrees from which to choose! 

Communication Studies & Theatre Arts

You love to read, write, speak, be yourself or portray someone else—this is the place for you!

Computer Studies

Are you into esports? We've a nationally recognized program! But if you are into writing code or if cyber security is of interest, you will want to check out our lineup of Computer Science majors!

Emergency Management

Can you say adrenaline rush? If you enjoy taking charge during emergencies or planning for emergency situations, you will thrive in Emergency Management - now available completely online!


If you have managed to get your nose out of a book long enough to find yourself here, then you've come to the right place! And, it's not all about Shakespear. "Myths and Magic to Villains and Verse" is just one of the fun courses that will give you the strong writing skills you'll need to succeed in any job!


You know the presidents (in order), you find yourself watching National Geographic Channel, and you are the one everyone wants to play trivia with. Perhaps a degree in History is the perfect path for you!


Do you push yourself to be all that you can be? Then be a part of our Honors program!

Interdisciplinary Studies

You are a master at multi-tasking, so a general degree that sharpens your skills in a variety of areas is perfect for you - and you can make it happen completely online!

Mathematics and Physics

You mastered the Rubiks cube, are a genius at solving problems and can't wait for Physics lab (and it's not because you got a great lab partner). The world of science and technology is a perfect fit for you!

Music | Music Education

You've been playing that instrument since you were five, and it's become another extension of you, so why not share your talents as a music educator or take those talents to stages around the world! You may find yourself in a chair at the Salina Symphony, in the pit at a Salina Community Theatre production or learning from world-renowned musicians!

Nursing Education & Health Science

Are shows like Grey's Anatomy and Code Black your guilty pleasure? If you are anxious to find out what it's like in real life, check out our Nursing program!

Sport and Exercise Science

Are shows like Grey's Anatomy and Code Black your guilty pleasure? If you are anxious to find out what it's like in real life, check out our Nursing program!


Want to get a great foundation for a post-graduate degree? KWU is the place!

Religion and Philosophy

If you are called to ministry or enjoy pondering life's most complex questions, you've landed in the right department.

Teacher Education

You were the teacher's pet, you love children, and you were a model student. The teaching profession awaits!

Center for Public Policy

First responders are critical in an emergency. Our Center for Public Policy provides services to the community, such as undergraduate research, workshops and consulting in areas like crisis communication plans and emergency response planning. The Center houses Emergency Management and Criminal Justice and a minor in Political Science.

Criminal Justice

Can't get enough Criminal Minds and the Blacklist? Or perhaps you served in the military and are ready for a four-year degree. A career as a law enforcement officer, judge, lawyer, investigator or social worker may be a perfect fit! 

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